How to Thrive When Everything Feels Terrible

Learn the importance of conscious choices in shaping our mindset and transforming our reality.
June 10th, 2021 @ 12PM BST

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Thriving when Everything Feels Terrible

In no uncertain terms, the 2020s have so far been a sh** show of a start to a new decade. We can’t seem to run away from negativity. Research has shown that the pandemic has caused increased feelings of frustration, worry and anger in a lot of us. Fortunately, there is a productive way to counter the effects. It’s called Thriving. This is 'the psychological state in which people experience a sense of vitality and learning’. The million dollar question now is how do we get there especially when it feels like we’re drowning in a sea of negativity?

Join Sally and Raatha in a transformative conversation, where they share their own stories about how mindset and conscious choices play a huge role in how we show up. This is a 100% interactive session where you will have both the opportunity to interact with and ask burning questions around what’s going on for you. At the end of the session, you’ll walk away with simple and practical tools and rituals to practice and embed into your life and watch your reality transform. 

When an individual is thriving, they are growing, developing and energised rather than feeling stagnated or depleted. People who experience a state of thriving describe feeling healthier, more resilient and able to focus on their work. People who thrive are also 1.2 times less likely to experience burnout and 52% more confident in themselves and their ability to take control of a situation. Even an inkling of this feeling buffers individuals from distractions, stress and negativity.

Note: This will be an interactive session so bring a pen, some paper, your phone and yourself!


Meet Sally

Sally is the 'poker of bears' and CEO at Resilio Asia. While her professional background is in sales, marketing and communications, she has also fulfilled a variety of training and mentoring roles throughout that time, feeding her passion for seeing people fulfill their potential. Sally specialises in developing leaders through a variety of innovative tools and workshops delivered in an engaging, stimulating and challenging way.

Sally's curiosity to better understand human personalities and the effect of a person's behaviour on others, has led to her becoming a certified administrator of a number of individual and team shaping tools, like Genos Emotional Intelligence Reports, DiSC and many others.

While Sally does a lot of important areas, some of her key specialities include; leadership development workshops, emotional intelligence, developing a values-led culture, supporting organisations through change and executive coaching.

Connect with Sally on LinkedIn here.

Meet Raatha

Raatha is Disruptor in Chief at Resilio Asia. She is a certified organizational coach (Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership), emotional intelligence practitioner and internationally certified positive mental health and wellbeing instructor for the workplace.

A self-confessed unwavering optimist and lifelong learner, Raatha's intention is to leave her mark on this world by 'leaving people better than when [she] found them'
. She is a huge people and relationships junkie. Raatha loves reading and learning about what makes someone tick and uncovering their potential through collaborative conversations and co-creating solutions.

A proponent of cultivating a growth mindset, Raatha is adventurous with talent and believes in action-learning. She loves working with people and is inspired by the journey of growth and transformation. Her optimism and faith in an individual’s potential gives way for her curiosity and resilience to show up in the face of failure.

Connect with Raatha on LinkedIn here.

Charity Partner

This session is being held in support of Tree Tops Elephant Reserve, who rescue and retire captive elephants who previously worked exhausting hours in the logging industry, or gave rides and performed in shows for tourist entertainment. They are pioneering ethical elephant tourism in the South of Phuket and offer visitors an Adventure of a Lifetime to learn about, love, and respect elephants through our compassionate and gentle approach.

To learn more about the Tree Tops Elephant Reserve and to donate click here.

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