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This practical masterclass offers insight into the neuroscience connecting emotional intelligence & psychological safety. Learn how to create a better working environment for yourself, your teams and your organisation.

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We all want to work in an environment where it feels safe to bring our real selves into interactions with our team members – one where it’s not personally costly to make mistakes or ask questions.

Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Safety is everybody’s business – whether you’re a team member anxious to create a better working environment for you and your colleagues, or a team leader or manager tasked with bringing a team together for great results, this will be a great use of your time. Also, if you’re a coach, consultant or trainer supporting team leaders and members striving to create high-performance teams, this is a must-see session.

Happened live on March 26, sign up to access the recording.


In this 90-minute masterclass, we'll be talking about:

  • Experience how the brain processes work in environments that are psychologically safe vs. those that are psychologically unsafe.
  • Uncover guidance on how to make those around you feel safe.
  • The evidence linking psychological safety to pretty much every aspect of how highly successful teams function.
  • The neuroscience of emotions and why it is so important to our sense of psychological safety that we all learn to manage our own emotional responses and those of others.
  • 'The EI Experience', an interactive activity that outlines why understanding how you 'show up' is so critical – and demonstrating how an environment can become psychologically unsafe if we don’t understand what’s going on.
  • See how the way you personally ‘show up’ is the most powerful tool you have for influencing the psychological safety of your team.
  • Access to a complimentary Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessment to understand how you currently show up.'

Took place 26.3.21
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This 90-minute masterclass is being offered free of charge as part of our mission to share knowledge, inspire and create more emotionally intelligent and happier people worldwide. Feel free to share with your colleagues, friends or team. Recording will be also provided but we recommend joining live for the interaction.

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Psychological Safety and Emotional Intelligence... these two critical topics have become even more important in light of the pandemic and a dramatic shift in how we work. We thrive when we feel psychologically safe – in environments that:

“…respect us and allow us to feel included, feel safe to learn, feel safe to contribute, and feel safe to challenge the status quo. If we can’t do these things, if it’s emotionally expensive, fear shuts us down. We’re not happy and we’re not reaching our potential. But when the environment nurtures psychological safety, there’s an explosion of confidence, engagement, and performance.”
Timothy Clarke, author of ‘The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety’

Psychological safety at work is essential to create an environment where connection, trust, collaboration and innovation allow teams to achieve the highest levels of connection and performance.

In this uncertain time, this sense of psychological safety is more important than ever – as we try to rally teams who are separated and trying to still work together from their homes.

At the same time, research organisations are continually publishing upon the value of emotional intelligence skills as THE core differentiator for individuals and organisations in our increasingly AI-enabled world. 

Harvard Business Review recently said “The rise of AI makes Emotional Intelligence more important…skills like persuasion, social understanding, and empathy are going to become differentiators as artificial intelligence and machine learning take over other tasks.”, and the World Economic Forum has identified Emotional Intelligence as one of the key skills for survival from 2020 onwards.


Deiric McCann is Head of International for Genos International, a world-leading provider of Emotional Intelligence solutions. He works with a large range of multi-national clients helping them to develop the resilience, emotional intelligence and engagement of their teams. Author of Leadership Charisma and several other books that emphasise the critical role of engaging people to achieve business success, his particular expertise is in helping clients and partners implement EI based solutions that deliver measurable Return on Investment – something he speaks upon regularly around the world. A TEDx speaker and an accredited teacher of the Search Inside Yourself Mindful Leadership Program developed by Google, Deiric regularly delivers emotional intelligence, resilience, and mindfulness training worldwide to extremely positive reviews.


"The program has been masterful, Deiric offers a variety of practices in the context of common leadership challenges. His presentation is lively and engaging, he helps with factual and scientific explanations and convinces also rational minds. I truly enjoyed the learning experience and would recommend these masterclasses to anybody."

This program has been such an important part of my personal development & growth strategy. The fact that I engaged in it in the first place was serendipitous. It has become increasingly obvious it was meant to be at this moment in my life. Thank you for all your time & valuable nuggets that have been added to my toolbox.”

“This course has helped me tremendously and opened my eyes to feeling and sensing as opposed to speaking and listening. I now respond with empathy, when I listen to how people feel; this puts them at ease with me during conversation, resulting in a win-win.”

This class was motivational, empowering and insightful. I particularly liked and benefited from the practical approach to developing our EI skills to enhance the effectiveness of our Communications, Leadership and Management style. Deiric’s a wonderful storyteller – he has excelled with this program.”

This program is so great, there is such a generosity and compassion in the way Deiric wishes to transmit and help people make them use it in their own way. The combination of explanations and exercises is perfect to experience it fully.”

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We are a global team of change-makers using emotional intelligence to enhance how we connect, communicate and collaborate at work. Transforming these essential people skills at work also makes a difference to peoples’ relationships outside of the workplace. People become better parents, partners, siblings and friends. That’s why we call our work Game-changing for business, Life-changing for people.