How To Be A Badass: Navigating Your Road To Self- Mastery

Hang on to your hat! Nikki Langman is going to take you on an inspirational journey toward being more of your best self, more often, by showing up as a BADASS every day.
August 26, 2021 @ 9am BST / 6pm AEST

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How To Be A Badass

In this session, Nikki candidly shares her story about battling addiction for over 30 years and how emotional intelligence has helped her to maintain lasting change. Nikki’s mission is to share with you the methods and resilience strategies that she uses and coaches, that can be used in a wide range of contexts, to empower you to fully embrace and master the BADASS that you are.

Using the BADASS framework, learn to get consistent results while increasing your courage and confidence. In this session, discover ways you can deepen your authenticity and learn to take more purposeful action to become a more effective leader. Participants will come away knowing how to manifest love and respect for themselves at all times.

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Meet Nikki

Nikki Langman is an International Speaker, Author, Business Coach and Facilitator, and Certified Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.

As a Business Coach and Facilitator, Nikki is committed to guiding organisations to achieve higher, sustainable levels of business excellence. Nikki has led successful emotional intelligence and leadership programs for global companies with exceptional results in executive and team leadership, sales and financial performance, personal empowerment, culture enhancement, conflict and relationship management, and significantly improved workplace safety.

Nikki often speaks at industry events and conferences on the topics of emotional intelligence, self-mastery, resilience, nonverbal communication, and leadership. She has recently been a featured speaker at events for Melbourne Design Week (NGV), Speakers Institute, Speakers Tribe Global Conference, Genos International Global Conference, National Women’s Council of Realtors® Leadership Week, California Association of Realtors® WomanUP! National Conference, and Orange County Realtors® Leadership Retreat.

Nikki is a regular contributor for several podcasts and has been featured as an expert authority on Perth’s Radio 6PR, 94.7 The Pulse, and Smart Company. She is also an Executive Contributor for Brainz magazine.

Nikki has 10+ years of experience in Human Resources, Coaching, and Corporate Learning and Development. She is also an Accredited Practitioner of the DISC ADVANCED® Profile System and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methodology. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business from the University of California, Irvine.

Outside of work, Nikki is a competitive endurance runner and author of the Amazon #1 Best Selling book: How to be a BADASS: Navigating Your Road to Self-Mastery.

Rethink Addiction

This session is being held in support of Rethink Addiction, an independent coalition of like-minded organisations supported by the general public that are calling for a shift to Australia’s attitude to addiction and treatment.

Addiction is a health condition that can affect one in five Australians. Yet, due to stigma, shame, and a community belief that recovery is not possible, individuals touched by addiction typically delay seeking help for nearly twenty years.  Addiction impacts Australians regardless of background and stage of life, and we need to urgently address it as a national health priority.

As the Spotlight Series is being offered free of charge, we would like to ask if you would sign a petition for a national plan to Rethink Addiction in Australia.

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