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  Becoming More Charismatic - the Role of Emotional Intelligence

What if you knew you could have an infinitely more charismatic impact on those around you - would you invest 90 minutes? 



This 90-minute programme is for anyone who ever has to influence or engage others - so unless you're a monk living in permanent isolation there's a very good chance that it's for you.

But it's especially relevant for you if a key requirement of your job is that you connect with people successfully. 

If you're in sales, marketing, customer service, human resources or any other people-facing role - or if you're a coach, consultant or trainer that helps people in such roles to be successful, then there's a lot in this masterclass for you.

Bottom line: if you want to have a more charismatic and engaging impact then this masterclass is for you!


  • What Leadership Charisma research involving 40,000 leaders and 400,000 of their direct reports shows what makes charismatic leaders so impactful
  • Insight from 20+ years of emotional intelligence research on how to be more charismatic 
  • How to 'show up' in a way that has a charismatic impact on those around you - even if you're the world's greatest introvert
  • The 2 core principles that all charismatic people live by - knowingly or unknowingly
  • 6 specific charismatic behaviours that you can immediately begin to build into how you 'show up' - to begin to make an infinitely more charismatic impact upon those around you
  • How to harness the neuroscience that is responsible for making a charismatic impression on others
  • How you can get a comprehensive scientific assessment of how you currently impact those around you

All attendees will be offered an ebook of Deiric McCann's Amazon bestseller 'Leadership Charisma' immediately after the masterclass.

SEPTEMBER 4th 2019

9am & 4pm BST (British Standard TIme) 90 Minute Masterclass Recording provided.  

You'll be invited to complete a complimentary Genos Emotional Intelligence assessment and gain access to our exclusive Mindfulness and EI LinkedIn group.


"I can't begin to express my gratitude enough to Genos International for its generosity in sharing the practices and the invaluable knowledge of Deiric of mindfulness practices in a business context. I have enjoyed every information-packed session. Could Deiric be any more enthusiastic and helpful?"

"Kudos for an incredible program! I am learning techniques I can use to become more productive and improve my focus. The biggest improvement for me has been using some of the mindful practices at bedtime when my mind is racing and keeping me from sleeping. The practices have helped to calm the "noise" in my mind so I can relax and go to sleep."

"Having participated in and observed many EI offerings, I can assure you the Genos offering is world class."

"This program is so great, there is such a generosity and compassion in the way Deiric wishes to transmit and help people make them use it in their own way. The combination of explanations and exercises is perfect to experience it fully."

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Your Master Trainer: Deiric McCann

Deiric McCann is Head of International for Genos International, a world-leading provider of Emotional Intelligence assessments and education offerings. He is responsible for 1,200 partners worldwide. He has an impressive corporate executive background with more than 25 years’ experience working with multinational clients worldwide to help them to get the very best from every person in their organisations.  

Author of Leadership Charisma and several other books that emphasise the critical role of engaging people to achieve business success, his particular expertise is in helping clients and partners implement EI based solutions that deliver measurable Return on Investment – something he speaks upon regularly around the world.  

An accredited and experienced teacher of the Search Inside Yourself Mindful Leadership Programme developed by Google, Deiric has delivered Genos Certification and Mindful Leader programmes worldwide to extremely positive reviews.


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