Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Learn to improve how you connect, communicate and influence others, and, enhance your leadership abilities, personal relationships and wellbeing.
October 11, 2021 @ 9am BST / 7pm AEDT

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Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Discover how to lead with emotional intelligence. Dive into the social neuroscience of emotions and the connections between behaviour, performance and decision-making in leadership. Uncover how developing EI is critical for your personal and professional development.

Learn how to be a more aware, authentic and resilient leader. Uncover how to have difficult conversations, how to be more intentional in how you interact with others and tips for building your personal resilience. Walk away with insight on how to create a more enjoyable and safe work environment for yourself and everyone you work with.


Meet Ben

Ben completed a PhD in Psychology at Swinburne University where he created the first Australian model and measure of emotional intelligence, known today as the Genos Emotional and Social Competency Inventory. He also provided the first Australian benchmarks and psychometric analyses of many popular emotional intelligence assessments including the MSCEIT and the Bar-On EQ-I. Consequently, Ben is a well recognised academic in the area of emotional intelligence with having published a considerable number of peer reviewed papers and books on the concept.

Together with Swinburne University’s commercialization arm, Ben founded Genos International in 2002 to bring his model and measure of emotional intelligence to the market. The first major customer of Genos was ANZ Bank where Ben and the Genos team worked together with McKinsey & Company on transforming the culture of the organisation to be more customer-centric. The Genos model and measure of emotional intelligence was used as one of the mediums for this transformation that resulted in the Bank winning Retail Bank of the Year 8 times in a row.

Genos, and Ben’s model and measure of emotional intelligence that forms its core business, is now a national and Australian export success story. For the fourth consecutive year Genos has been recognised by Training Industry in the USA as one of the Top 20 Global Assessment and Evaluation firms, a list that includes iconic companies in this space such as DDI and Korn Ferry. Genos has operations in Australia, North America and Europe and distribution partners servicing clients in 33 countries around the world. Companies from Accor Hotels based in Paris, to Qantas in Australia, have used the Genos model and measure of emotional intelligence to help improve leadership, resilience, customer service, sales and teamwork.

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